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 how their judged

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Jade dragon god DAVIK
Jade dragon god DAVIK

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how their judged Empty
PostSubject: how their judged   how their judged Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 1:55 am

here is where when someone dies they are judged by all the gods and deemed guilty or innocent and are judged the following ways

if unnonoucemously guilty (5 or more gods vote guilty on them)
they are sent to the nether realm and wil become a demon of the dark never to see the light agian

if found less guilty ( 4 votes guilty) they are baished to walk the earth as spectors always knowing sorrow until they redeem theselves

if found innocent ( 4 or more votes) they can live on into the afterlife and live in Davik's palace as a reward for there good life or any other dragon gods realm if they deam them acceptable
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how their judged
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