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 the overall way this forum works

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Jade dragon god DAVIK
Jade dragon god DAVIK

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the overall way this forum works Empty
PostSubject: the overall way this forum works   the overall way this forum works Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 3:30 am

if you know naruto chakura is the main source of energy in that anime in this forum we use "chi energy" that one gains through meditation and prayer and can be used for alot of things. in naruto a person an focuse their chakura into their palms or feet and attack their opponet with their punches and kicks doing more damage which is called "chakura concentration" in this site it's the same thing with that we can concentrate chi into the soles of our heals and inot uor hands to make our attacks more powerful but takes up a small amount of chi per strike. in naruto certain ninja can heal others and themselves using chakura healing in this forum anyone can heal themselves or others butsome peope do it better than others.in naruto there are thousands among thousands of jutsu when in this site there's not that much and only 10 well known ones and are as follows

this site you can custom create your own fighting styles but you cannot start out with a custom style only one of the ones listed in the link above
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the overall way this forum works
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