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 the other 6 dragons

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Jade dragon god DAVIK
Jade dragon god DAVIK

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PostSubject: the other 6 dragons   the other 6 dragons Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 10:36 am

earth dragon: responisble for spring and is the god of "strengh and bravery" where the earth dragon must make sure all the soil is fertile and is respnible for earthquaes around the earth and is in charge of the season of spring.he prefers and communicates with those born under the sighn of the rock

fire dragon: responble for summer and is "the god of war" and is respinsible for making sure the sun stays aflame and decided when to cool his tempeture on the earth ot raise it.he is in charge of the season of summer.he favors and communicates with those born under the sighn of the flame

water dragon: responsible for winter the "god of saddness and mercy" causes the feeling of depression. is in charge pf the winter season and favors and comunicate with those under the sigh of the flake ( as in snow flake) and is res[osible to turn the wheel of fortune for the year and tell the future of that year

wind dragon: god of "music and dance" and causes the feeling of wildness and joy and is unpredictable and is in charge if blowing the clouds. he is in charge of the fall season and favors andcommunicates with thos born under the sighn of the cloud

ligth dragon: the light dragon is the god of "life and love" and is in charge of createing new souls and putrifieng once evil ones if deemed accepteable by the council and causes the feeling of love . and favors those born in the sighn of the heart

the dark dragon: the most feared of the dragons next to Davik and is the dragon of death when the time comes for a soul to be taken to the nether realm he transforms into a form the humans call "the grimm reaper" and is the god of hatred and cause of death to everything causes the feelings of "fear and hatred" and bares the task of taking coruppted souls into her heaven where they are forever shroweded in darkness
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the other 6 dragons
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