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Jade Empire RPG

where the Xbox thriller left off
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Jade dragon god DAVIK
Jade dragon god DAVIK

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PostSubject: afterwards   afterwards Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 11:07 am

this forum takes place 50 years after the deafeat of the glorius strategist as the much loved empeor who deafeat sun lee, Dow khaun died of a heart attack. He replaced by a evil emporer whi wants to use his sorcery and plans steal the powers of the gods agian the gods are forbidenn to directly enterven with the affairs of humans. but their half god children can't so each god mated with a human as the children of the gods trained up intil each god that is the paretn of each sibling told them their purpose and mission and now the children f the gods seek to to destroy the emporer as each god helps their child every step of the way
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