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 Sujin The Water Dragon

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PostSubject: Sujin The Water Dragon   Sujin The Water Dragon Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 11:14 pm

name: Sujin The Water Dragon

race: Dragon/ God of Water and Cold

age: Since was created the lord of all.

apperance: Avatar

water dragon: responsible for winter the "god of saddness and mercy" causes the feeling of depression. is in charge pf the winter season and favors and comunicate with those under the sigh of the flake and is resposible to turn the wheel of fortune for the year and tell the future of that year

He has taken many forms over the years of creatures such as the yetii, and sea serpents. He enjoys dwelling the mortal world. He is considered very nosey. Though he is kind to those who's souls are as pure as the snow he makes.


Dragon god abilites

flying can roam the heavens useing the gift of flight

impenitableite : cannot die since there gods

alter aperance: can shange into any form he wants and can wander the earth to cause micheif and are STILL inpenitrable any any form no matter what size or shape

spirit form: can come to humans in visions and tell them fortunes or wisdom or even reaveal their destiny

reprouduce gods: if two dragon gods of diffrent gender mate they can have a baby dragon

birth to champions: males dragons can go to earth ( altered apperance to a human male of coarse) realm and mate with a female mortal and she will give birth ( if she's pregant or not) to a half god mortal tat can die but are stronger,faster and more agile than normal humans and female gods can turn into a male and get a woman pregnant too have their child or get pregnant by a male and stay in mortal apperance until the birth of the champion

Sujin's Powers

Sujin has the powers to control water at will being able to create massive tides at will but, he can just as easily make water vanish in a blink off a eye. This power also allows his to form objects out of water.

He also has the power to turn water into wine which he does to bless those of kind hearts.

Sujin can control snow and cast down dangerous blizzards on the land.

Sujinhas an icy breath that can even freeze things that were ablaze almost instantly.
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Jade dragon god DAVIK
Jade dragon god DAVIK

Number of posts : 53
Registration date : 2008-11-25

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PostSubject: Re: Sujin The Water Dragon   Sujin The Water Dragon Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 11:17 pm

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Sujin The Water Dragon
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